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October 23, 2012
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Prepare for the power of friendship by pukihontasz Prepare for the power of friendship by pukihontasz
Here's my new pic. Not a good one actually and the background is kinda nothing but I'am still very bad at backgrounds...too.

Used Tablet + Sai.
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hooon Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
:iconapplejackreally:Why don't you get along before you get hurt?
:icontwilightgrimplz:Your head's a bloody 12 feet tall.
:icondashangry1plz:Hahaha, You're getting owned
:iconpinkiemad:You, yes you, you are dead.
:iconrarityitisonplz:Girls, shall we?
:iconfluttershynohappyplz: I cannot vait so saw through your bones!
CommanderEX Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
Discord: The power of friendship again, do you ponies really though we lost because you are so unstoppable, you won only because we were going easy on you, but good old uncle Discord is bored of losing, so I will just take your elements and finish you off.

Twilight: You can not take our elements, Celestia cast a spell what prevent you from stealing them.
RainbowDash: We will kick your flank, prepare to taste the Rainbow.

Fluttershy disappear

RainbowDash: Where is fluttershy, what have you done with her ?

Discord: Well, I can not take elements away from you, but I can still teleport any of you wherever I want, to be honest I would teleport any of you into a volcano, but since only Celestia and Luna as Alicorns can withstand lava, it would be no fun.

Chrysalis: Changelings, attack.

1 epic fight later and 50 defeated changeling later.

Twilight: huh .... huh ... huh .... we beat your army Chrysalis ... huh.

Chrysalis: Army, you beat only 1% of my forces and you 6 are already tired and drained, while your princess is hiding in her castle with armies of guards, you 6 mares are here alone facing ultimate doom, I almost fell pity for you.

Nightmare Moon shot lighting attacks, Twilight try to cast barrier, but she is so tired that barrier break fast.and mane 5 is knocked out.

Nightmare Moon: When I returned form my banishment, I could kill you and your friends any time Twilight Sparkle, just as easy as I dealt with those 6 guards, but I was still part of Luna and she prevent me from using lethal force, but now when I am separated from her, beating you all is very easy.

Twilight: Please ..... do not .... hurt ... my .... friends ....., if you .. want .... re...venge ...... I will accept w...hatever torture you will use on me, but please, I beg you, spare my friends.

Nightmare Moon: My poor dear Twilight, so brave, so loyal, so faithfully blind, when your princesses sit on thrones and none of guards even want to help you, you and your friends face gods, a pony with so big talent and faith should be general of my armies, not a puppet of that cowardly solar witch, I will spare your friends and let them go if you promise loyalty to me.

Twilight: B...ut, if you win, your will bring ethernal nigh and everyone will die anyway, or Chrysalis and her hive will drain ponies, every pony will die.

Chrysalis: Do not worry your little head about this, my changelings need love to survive, we will take it by force, but we will not hurt our food source, if ponies of Equestria will surrender and share they love with my subjects, they will not be harmed.

Nightmare Moon: You really believe in that old fairy tale, I know you are smarter then this, I wanted subjects to love me, to respect me, and I can not gain respect and love from corpses, I know spell what will let Moon keep planet alive the same way sun does, I am not evil or stupid.

Twilight: Fine ...... if you promise not t hurt any pony, I will serve you.

Well, this is my idea what would happen if mane 6 would face all defeated villains again, I was always annoyed that mane 6 never get any help from princesses or guards ( or Celestia and guards are useless ), and then villains lose only because they do stupid mistake, from my perspective if villains would stop making stupid mistakes and play games, they would beat mane 6 easy, and mane 6 deserve guards and princesses to protect them so they can use elements of harmony without laser beam of death or army of changelings taking them down.

( Also, we need more Luna teaming up with mane 6 again threat ).
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CommanderEX Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
It looks more like the villains were forced to lose. In the end they just started to act stupid for no reason.

I stick with it that they didn't went all out or else they would win easy ( Nightmare Moon can knock 3 guards in 3 seconds but cannot stop 6 mares lost in Everfree Forest, please, Nightmare Moon totally wanted to be defeated ).
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CommanderEX Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
Yea, six random mares alone facing gods and saving entire kingdom, give me a break.

Even if as element bearers they can KO the most powerful foe, against Nightmare Moon they didn't had elements until the end, against Discord they didn't had elements until the end, against Chrysalis they didn't even got to elements as they could not defeat more then 100 changelings ( where was Equestria army, even 6 mares with no military and fighting experience did more then army of trained  soldiers ). against Sombra they didn't even took the elements.

I personally would rather see villains more smart and threatening and have princesses and background ponies or guards assist mane 6 to win instead of making villain stupid so he will have to lose in the end.

(Even 6 special ponies are not entire army).
DoughnutJoe Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
Are the Mane 6 about to get a taste of their own friendship medicine from BFFs Discord, Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon?

Be careful when you develop powerful weapons. Be it the atomic bomb or the power of friendship, your enemies may eventually turn it on you. :)
pukihontasz Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
SonOfTheNorthe Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Sorry, but... Equestria is fucked.
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